Security of Power Customer Stories.

Security of Power
“Having reliable backup power gives me peace of mind and independence from the grid,” says Appelman, who plans to install another Banner battery-based system in his new penthouse condominium in New York. “We’re already working it into our plans,” he says. “We’ve built a separate room for the system and are talking about adding a solar component, too.”


Barry Appelman


McLean, VA


Single-family residence

Critical equipment

Multiple computers and servers, music and audio equipment, televisions, satellite and TIVO, household appliances, various electronics, exercise equipment. “You name it, I have it,” says Barry Appelman, the AOL executive who brought us instant messaging.

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“In our area, we experience a lot of short dropouts in power—sometimes more than once a week,” Appelman says. “The outages are a big annoyance.”


Banner Power installed a [BPS-11,000/16 ] X-bank, X-volt battery-based system to keep the Appelman household fully operational during the frequent grid failures. “Having emergency backup power is more a matter of convenience for us than a critical issue,” Appelman says. “But I can tell you that I wouldn’t want to be running on the treadmill when the power went off.”