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Power Insurance Policy
“Installing a Banner battery-based system is like taking out an insurance policy,” Schulman says. “Of course, you hope you’ll never need it, but you have the security of knowing you have a reliable backup if you do.”


Jerry Schulman


Southport, CT


Parkway Equity Corp.


Commercial and residential real estate business operated out of dedicated home office in single-family residence

Critical equipment

Business computers, telephones, faxes, copy machine plus such critical household systems as HVAC, plumbing, and lighting.

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“We don’t have gas on our street to power a generator and didn’t want to bring diesel or propane on site either,” says Jerry Schulman, owner of Parkway Equity Corp. “We were looking for a backup power alternative that would keep our business and home functioning in case of an outage.” They found a clean, motorless solution in Banner’s battery-based energy storage systems. “It’s like taking an umbrella with you,” Schulman adds. “We know we’re covered.”


Banner Power installed an 11,000-watt backup system (complete with a 24-battery bank) to protect the Schulman’s home—and business—needs. “We wanted to enough backup to keep us going even during outages that lasted three or four days,” Schulman says. “So it’s a powerful system.”