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Power to the Press
More than bottom-line savings, Unger relies on the peace of mind that comes with knowing he won’t have to disappoint any customers during the next power outage.

ClientDigital Press


Herndon, VA


Full-service CD/DVD duplication and packaging company, offering quick-turnaround deliveries as well as warehousing, fulfillment and distribution to customers in Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia.

Number of employees


Critical equipment

150 CD/DVD drivers, 18 tape drivers, 40 computers

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Power outages can bring production and shipping to a standstill. “About five years ago, we were having a lot of power problems in our area,” says Digital Press owner Fred Unger. “We’d experience an outage lasting two or three hours about every two months. When you’re duplicating 150 CDs at a time, you can’t afford for something to go wrong—even for a few seconds.” Digital Press also tracks its shipments online, so power outages meant nothing moved to customers either.


Banner Power sized up Digital Press’ needs and installed a BPS 11,000/16 system, with enough power to keep the company running smoothly during an outage. “We needed a backup system that would kick in automatically and run our mission critical equipment for several hours,” Unger says. The power situation in the Dulles Technology Corridor where Digital Press operates has improved in recent years, but glitches remain a reality. “Our backup system switches on at least two or three times a year,” Unger says, “plus during those short interruptions we don’t even realize because Banner has us covered.”