Balance of Power Customer Stories.

Balance of Power
Banner offers Balance Point insurance against power failure—and unhappy customers. “Payroll is mission critical for any company,” Cary says. “People don’t want to hear about a power outage—they have bills to pay. If we can’t deliver reliable payroll service, our customers could easily go to the competition.


Balance Point


Glen Rock, NJ


Payroll service bureau that prides itself on customer service and the latest technology

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Critical equipment

Eight database and processing servers plus networking gear and computer stations


“When we moved our business, we lost the secure data center where our equipment was housed,” says company partner Jess Cary. “All of a sudden, we were responsible for protecting everything.”
At the time, Cary didn’t realize how hard that would be. “In early summer, we have thunderstorms every other day, but Mother Nature hasn’t turned out to be the enemy. Our building has. It kicks off low-quality electricity—around 108 volts—even after replacing one of three outdated transformers.”


Banner Power Company installed an 8,000-watt backup system with 16 batteries to meet Balance Point’s energy needs—and provide all the support the company could ask for. “A big part of any system is the people behind it,” Cary says. “And that’s where Banner really shines. We look at Banner Power as a partner in our business.”