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“It’s reassuring to know that we can count on Banner to keep business flowing uninterrupted, day or night,” Ludwick says. “The Banner system has proven to be a wise investment for OBA, one that we’ve realized a good return on already.”
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OBA’s new flagship building needed to live up to the bank’s tagline: where customer service and technology meet. That meant providing a secure environment for critical equipment—despite inclement weather or unforeseen disruptions to power. “We were incorporating the latest technology available into the construction plans,” recalls Chief Operating Officer Linda Ludwick. “So we put a lot of research into the selection of a backup power system. We needed a system that was not only dependable and automatic but quiet and unobtrusive, as well.”


Not long after installation, Mother Nature put the bank’s new system to the test. “It worked exactly as promised,” Ludwick says. “In fact, the power outage was unnoticeable—no need to reboot computers, no pause in any of our operations. The bank remained secure.”