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Prescription for Power
“People were walking by the store asking, ‘How is it that you have power and no one else does?' recalls Detura. Our customers were impressed."


Melrose Pharmacy


Bronx, NY


75-year-old independent pharmacy that dispenses old-fashioned service with state-of-the-art technology

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Critical equipment

Script Pro robotic system to scan, track and dispense pharmaceuticals
Problem: The frequency of power outages in and around New York City threatened Melrose Pharmacy’s ability to deliver dependable, complete service to its customers. “We had a blackout a couple of years ago,” says owner Jim Detura. “With the cost of medications and the safety needs in our business, it made a lot of sense to look into emergency backup.”


Banner recommended an 11,000-watt backup system, with a 24-battery bank, to keep Melrose’s ScriptPro robotics up and running during a failure. “We were ready when the next power outage hit in June,” Detura says. “Every prescription gets processed through the ScriptPro system, and it didn’t miss a beat. We were able to protect our pharmaceuticals and continue dispensing the medications our customers needed.”