Guard Against System FailureGovernment Applications.

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Upgrading security systems across the country has become a top priority for federal, state and municipal governments.
In 2003, the bulk of the $52 billion annual IT budget was devoted to safeguarding computer systems and networks from potential terrorist attacks and setting up of critical security systems. This growing dependence on IT heightens the need for reliable extended-duration power solutions.

What’s more, the passage of the 2005 Energy Bill turns up the heat on renewable energy requirements, calling for most utilities to produce 15 percent of their electricity from renewable energy sources. The wide-ranging plan promises to intensify interest in energy efficiency and non-fossil fuel sources.

Banner Power’s clean, safe alternative power solutions can cover your energy needs on both fronts. In any building where government operates, our battery-based energy storage systems—now combined with renewable energy technologies—provide a complete extended-duration solution you can depend on.

Appropriate for single- and multi-story buildings, your new battery-based energy storage solution will kick on instantaneously in the event of a blackout—with quiet, high-quality, emission-free power.

Protect your IT and other mission-critical systems. Call Banner Power today. And be sure to ask about the new solar component, which makes our low-cost power solution more effective and efficient than ever.