Renewable Energy:Grid + Green

ps green image

What’s the bright idea? Integrate a solar component into your Banner Power system to supplement utility grid power and provide emergency back-up power during outages.


Solar array installations shut down automatically when utility power is lost. But a Grid-Tie system from Banner Power allows you to have the best of both worlds: battery-based power to keep your critical electronics and your renewable energy system up and running.

You can rely on your integrated battery-based system to keep your home or business safe, operational, independent and in control. During a power failure, the system taps the energy from your solar panels—not the utility company—to recharge your backup battery bank.

Through a process called “net metering,” your renewable components may even enable you to sell excess power back to the utility company when the grid is operational.

Many states also offer significant financial incentives in the form of tax credits, rebates or grants for Banner’s Grid-Tie integrated systems. We’ll even process the necessary paperwork with your state and local agencies at no additional charge.